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Chiropractors are trained in the care of bones, nerves, muscles and connective tissue which make up 60% of the human body. All the joints in the human body make up part of the musculoskeletal system and its optimal functioning is vital for overall good health.

The Chiropractic approach aims to help restore normal motion and position of joints not only in the spine but within the entire body.

Most commonly, lower back pain is an increasing problem within today’s population. Lower back pain can be caused by rough, irritated or inflamed facet joints as well as bulging or herniated discs putting pressure on the spinal cord or nearby nerve root. This results in numbness, tingling or pain down the leg and surgery is often considered as an option. However, the simplicity of the chiropractic approach has been researched and studies have proven through specific spinal adjustments, exercise recommendations, nutritional advice and methods based on medical history and current lifestyle, many patients have been able to avoid the risky surgery.

Our chiropractors Dr Schiller and associates, at Lakeside Chiropractic in Joondalup Perth use therapeutic techniques catered for your specific injury or complaint. This includes manipulation and adjustments, mobilisation, flexion-distraction, dry needling, soft tissue therapy, massage, stretching, strapping and advice on proper posture and provide specific excercises for your needs. 

The Joondalup chiropractic clinic is located central to the northern suburbs of Perth postcode 6027- Kinross, Currambine, Ocean Reef, Heathridge, Edgewater, Clarkson, Whitfords, Hillary’s, and Connolly. If you have any questions or would like to make a booking, contact the clinic on 9300 0095 or book online at

Our experienced chiropractors accept all major health care insurance providers. We are preferred medibank providers and have a HICAPS machine onsite.

Our chiropractic offices are easy to access with parking on our street or free parking in a nearby car Park.

December 07, 2015