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Buteyko Method of Breathing

Buteyko Method of Breathing

The Buteyko method of breathing is a technique designed to help people breathe slower, deeper and more gently. It’s a concept that was founded in Russia and has since spread to the world. It utilises techniques including:

  1. Nasal breathing- The technique inhibits mouth breathing and forces you to breathe through your nose
  2. Breathe holding strategies- These are designed to clear the airways and nose and relive tight chests
  3. Breathe control- Reduces the volume of breathing, improves hyperventilation and corrects hyperinflation
  4. The technique is utilised best if a minimum of 5 hours of in-person training is completed and the techniques are practiced for 15-20 minutes, 3x a day for at least 6 weeks, to retrain the body the new way of breathing. The technique is constructed in three phases:

    Phase 1: Preparation

    Set up your training station so that you’re either completing the technique on a chair or on the floor. Stretch out your spine so that you’re adopting a perfect posture and relax your muscles of respiration (breathing) by taking a few minutes of normal breathing.

    Phase 2: The Control Pause

    After a relaxing breathe out, hold your breath using your index finger and thumb to plug your nose. Refrain from taking a breath until your body feels the sudden urge to inhale (take a breath in). Following the deep breath in, breathe normally for at least 10 seconds and repeat several times.

    Phase 3: The Maximum Pause

    The final stage of the Buteyko method of breathing commences by holding your breathe after a nice and relaxed exhale (breath out). Again, plug your nose by using your index finger and thumb and hold your breath until your body feels the urge to take another breath in. This stage usually allows your body to hold your breath for twice as long as the control phase. Allow 10 seconds again to breathe normally and repeat several times.

    breathing chart

    There are many benefits of incorporating the Buteyko method of breathing that include:

    • Relieving anxiety
    • Improving airways in asthmatic patients
    • Regulates breathing
    • Eases Eustachian tube issues
    • Reduced mucus produced

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November 01, 2021