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Burn Off That Easter Excess

If you indulged over the Easter break like I did, you’re probably already looking for ways to burn the extra Kg’s you put on! Luckily the ABC has done the work for us.  Using information from the Compendium of Physical Activities they have calculated the duration of exercise required to burn off the energy from different Easter treats. Take a look at the following

    67Kg Female 80Kg Male
4 Solid mini eggs (25g) 553kj 40 minute walk 30 minute walk
1 Hollow egg 9cm long (50g) 1106Kj 30 minute run 25 minute run
1 AFL football egg (300g) 6636Kj 3 hours and 5 minutes cycle 2.5 hours cycle
1 Small bunny (100g) 2212Kj 1 hour and 10 minute swim 57 minute swim
1 medium bunny (200g) 4424Kj 3 hours boxercise 2.4 hours boxercise
1 large bunny (500g) 11060Kj 3.5 hours squash 2.75 hours squash
2 fruit hot cross buns with 1.5 tbsp butter (144g+30g) 2757kj 1 hour 17 mins run 1 hour run
1 Chocolate Chip hot cross bun 1030kj 1.5hours yoga 1.25 hours yoga

May 24, 2014