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Benefits of having an active lifestyle

Movement is essential for living a healthy life, being physically active will help you maintain a healthy body weight and reduce risk of chronic disease.

Being healthy will make you feel and look better. Exercise plays a big role in physical health and ensures you get enough activity in your daily life, exercise can also help build strong muscles and bones.

Engaging in moderate physical activity can increase energy levels and boost your endurance, meaning you sleep better and will be thoroughly energized during the day.

Exercise provides antioxidants which protects and stimulates the body’s blood flow and induce skin cells protecting your skin, and delay the appearance of skin aging.

Activity improves brain function which is the blood flow getting to the brain increasing signs of brain health, memory and mental function.

The heart rate depending on the amount of exercise promotes the blood and oxygen flow to the brain decreasing chance of disease and mental health problems.

Exercise helps to reduce the amount of stress, going to the gym and letting anger out will stimulates brain chemicals leaving you happier and more relaxed.

Health benefits of physical activity are reducing high blood pressure, reducing body fat which will help to prevent and control diabetes, regular exercise helps to prevent back pain by increasing muscle strength and endurance, falling asleep faster is very much controlled by your daily activity and exercise can be fun and social, by doing outdoor exercise with friends and not being competitive.

Exercise will help with reducing pain and increasing pain tolerance. Aim to exercise moderately at least one hour a day. If you currently don’t do physical activity, increasing exercise daily will help build up to the recommended amount.

To ensure you maintain a healthy body weight, eating correctly and exercising moderately will benefit you mentally and physically making sure you live the longest life you can.

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January 18, 2018