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Back Pain While Driving?

Back Pain While Driving?

Why Driving Causes Lower Back Pain?

There are two main reasons why driving impacts your back, the poor posture of your seating and being in a fixed position for an extended period of time. Since our backs are designed to move, being stuck in an uncomfortable static position for a long period of time while driving can result in back trouble. The majority of people will suffer with lower back pain at some stage in their life, but those who need to drive for more than 4 hours a day on a regular basis are more at risk.

Make sure to take a break when driving for a long period of time.

It is recommended that taking a stretch or take a break every two hours after driving to have efficient blood flow throughout your body, even when using a lumbar support in a vehicle. Taking a pit stop and walking around for ten or fifteen minutes will allow you to use different muscle groups and stretch your spine. Medical professionals also say you shouldn’t drive for more than 8 or 9 hours in a single day, especially if you have certain back conditions.

Common reasons that are causing your back pain while driving.

Driving with poor posture and overuse of muscles and ligament for driving a long period of time. As stated before, driving long hours meaning you are stuck in a static position which can lead to structural changes in your neck and back. Your muscles could become weak and deconditioned and therefore not hold your spine in neutral alignment as well as it did before. When you hunch your shoulders and head forward, it places even more pressure on your spine.

Which eventually leads to second reason, overuse of back muscles. Since your head shifts forward, your back soft tissue muscles and ligaments will try to compensate and bring your head back to neutral position.

However, you can reduce the strain on your back from an awkward seated position by using a back support while driving.

Benefits of Using Lumbar Support (Car Seat Support) in Your Car

By having a Car Lumbar Support, you will enable your back to be sitting in an upright position, and will ensure the arch in your back is maintained, thus promoting good posture.


Key features to consider when purchasing a car seat support

  1. Support
    The perfect amount of support means you can keep your lower back in a healthy curve without too much effort, but you can adjust your position, too. The support should be firm enough to support your spine but soft enough to allow movement.
  2. Ventilation
    The longer you sit in your car, the more important ventilation becomes. Some cushions get too hot for comfort after using them for an hour. Lumbar supports that are breathable and draw heat away from your back will make long drives much more comfortable.
  3. Adjustability
    Not everyone is built the same, so a lumbar support for the car should be adjustable. Part of the adjustability should be a durable and reliable attachment mechanism to keep it in place. For example, adjustable belts with buckles often work better than an elastic strap, because over time, the elastic could stretch.
  4. Material
    Most support cushions are made from memory foam which responds to your body movement but bounces back afterward. The quality of the foam makes a difference to the amount of support you receive and the cushion’s durability. The outer cover should resist stains, and be washable.
  5. Prices
    Depending on brands and types, the cushion support ranges from $15 to $120.

How high should I position my support cushion?

The cushion should fit into the curve of your lower back. Depending on the size and shape of the support cushion, that could mean it rests on the seat or is strapped higher up. Some cushions have a narrow space at the bottom, allowing room for your lower spine and tailbone. The cushions that are just shaped to fit your lower back's natural curve must be positioned and secured slightly above the seat. Try different positions until you feel comfortable.


If you do feel any back pain issue or persisting pain while driving, feel free to make a booking with one of our Chiropractors on 9300 0095 or book online at All products pictured in this post are available to purchase in the clinic – Lumbar Roll support and the OBUS Low back Backrest Support.

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October 27, 2022