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Back and neck pain is the primary leading cause for many Australians taking time off work, leisure activities and sports. There are many factors which can contribute to back and neck pain, these include:

Posture (Sitting)

  • When sitting at a desk, ensuring you are at the correct height is vital; the top of the computer screen should be at your eye level.
  • If you are entering data, make sure the hard copy of the document is at the same height and tilt as the computer screen so it prevents you from moving your neck up and down continuously.
  • When doing desk work, using an inclined surface reduces any unnecessary bending of the neck and back and also allows your shoulders to NOT assume hunched position.
  • A good position almost always starts at the lower back, so the use of a pillow or cushion might be helpful in maintaining the normal arches of the back.
  • If your arms are extended from the sides of your body for extended period of time, a chair with arm rests or work surfaces with arms rests are a viable option.
  • IMPORTANT: to change stressful positions frequently by taking breaks or moving positions.

Correct Sitting Posture

  • Head and shoulders erect and balanced
  • Body positioned close to your working surface
  • Lower back supported in natural curve
  • Arms by your side
  • Feet flat on the floor or footrest
  • Hip/trunk at an angle less than 90 degrees
  • Even weight through thigh and buttocks
  • Freedom to move if required

Posture (Standing)

  • When standing for long period of time for work; make sure the neck and lower back are held upright and in a balanced position.
  • Raise work station or equipment to your appropriate height demands.

Work Height

  • Light/precision work: 4-6 inches above elbow height
  • Regular work: hands positioned at elbow height
  • Forceful work: 4-6 inches below elbow heigh
  • Overhead work: use step ladder when appropriate so neck and back are not in an over extended position for long periods of time, re-position equipment so more frequently used materials are of easy reach

Body Mechanics

Most important principle to remember when lifting is to keep your head upright and back in a straight line.

  • One foot slightly in front of the other to provide a wide base of support as well as lifting the load closer to the body (which decreases stress of lower back and neck).
  • Most common lifting method: partial squat, head up, back arched and feet spread one foot ahead as you lift.

Other Associated Factors:

  • Stress and emotional imbalance can lead to neck pain and headaches, allow time for yourself to rest and relax.
  • Nutrition and diet is a vital factor in deciding how well your body heals in relation to injury, therefore maintaining a healthy diet leads to a healthy body.
  • Recent studies have shown a link between smoking and prevalence of neck and back problems. Furthermore, it also reduces circulation and the body’s ability to heal in the case of injury.

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