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Are you suffering from a stiff neck? Levator Scapulae

If you feel your neck is not moving as good as it should be or experiencing pain in your neck or shoulders, Lakeside Chiropractic may assist you!
This stiffness and pain can be as a result of trigger points in a specific muscle called the Levator Scapulae. This muscle runs down the side of your neck down to the back of your shoulder. The trigger points tend to develop from keeping your shoulders in an elevated position, where the muscle is constantly shortened. Don’t wear your shoulders as earrings! This is generally due to when the muscle is fatigued or when exposed to cold.

Here at Lakeside Chiropractic we can relieve you of this muscular pain and increase your neck’s range of motion in a variety of ways. This includes:
• Electrotherapies (interferential)
• Trigger point therapy
• Dry needling
• Advice on stretches, correct posture, prescription of a correct pillow

People that are prone to develop active levator scapulae TrPs must learn self care and corrective actions along with their chiropractic treatment:
• Stretching
- under warm shower bend head to affected side and use opposite arm to pull your neck toward the unaffected side.
-seated pull head downwards with hands away from the pain (towards armpit)
• Posture
-if you have a desk job make sure your chair is facing your customer or computer screen, rather than turning your neck
-reading, writing or typing from a long focal length can cause strain, this can be fixed by the use of reading glasses
-reading should be at eye level to prevent neck forward bending
-occupations that require constant phone use, should either be done with head set, this prevents the continuous shrugging of the shoulder to hold the phone in place
• Apply Heat pack or moist heating pad
• Correct pillow positioning
• Vitamin B complex and Magnesium can reduce muscle strain
• Avoid stress
• Plenty of water
• Deal with negative emotional issues.

If you are experiencing musculoskeletal pain and simply cannot find any way to relieve the pain or ache, the skilled chiropractors at Lakeside chiropractic may be your answer! They will help identify and treat the cause, which may be as simple as a trigger point. Lakeside chiropractic services the northern suburbs of Perth with patients from Joondalup, Connolly, Edgewater, Currambine, Woodvale, Kinsley, Kinross, Wanneroo, Heathridge, Tapping, Iluka, Ocean Reef and many more.

May 11, 2015