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Are Standing Desks Good idea

standing desksStanding desks allow you to maintain a nice upright position, while minimizing the temptation to slouch down, considering your standing desk is positioned correctly. Standing desks have become a revelation in today’s society with research supporting the idea that this new working or studying strategy aids in weight loss and prevents excessive fat build up from the past sedentary lifestyle.

Ways to ensure your desk is in the appropriate position include:

  1. Ensuring your computer is at eye level and not too low or too high
  2. Setting up your keyboard so that it is slightly lower than eye level to prevent flexed neck posture
  3. Positioning your desk at elbow level so that they can rest on the desk to type

Standing desks have been associated with many benefits to improving your overall health. The improvements include, lowering your risk of back and neck pain, decreasing the risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Whenever there are benefits, there are always risks associated with the changes, these being pain in the back, feet and legs. It’s best to slowly ease into the positional changes if you previously were sitting 8 hours a day. Commence by standing 60-120 minutes per day and gradually increase the time as your body adapts to this change.

standing desks​Although standing desks are a good concept, walking around in intervals is also recommended to ensure your body can operate at its optimal level. Regularly exercising will prevent weakness in certain muscles that aren’t being used standing in the same position and allow your body to get the physical activity it needs. Walking around allows all the different muscles in your body to activate to prevent muscle imbalances that may result from the same standing position.

Ensuring you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids is another measure that you can implement into your daily routine as an adjunct to this new lifestyle habit. Drinking water boosts your physiological performance and can prevent soreness and fatigue due to dehydration.

Standing desks are a great idea to implement into your work and study schedule as long as other measures are executed alongside the change. Taking regular breaks by walking around and staying adequately hydrated ensures that the new change will be able to have its maximal effect.

November 19, 2020