Advice on a worn down lower back disc (degeneration) or lumbar disc bulge/herniation

• No high impact exercise, only low impact exercise.
• Do loads of core stability strength work.
• Yoga is ok is some cases but not all. Ask your Chiropractor.
• Freestyle swimming and Pilates is very good and helpful. Do lots
• Body balances fitness classes are good.
• Use weights only when back is supported. Be careful picking up weights. We
don’t suggest body pump.
• Avoid sugar as it increases inflammation.
• Invest in a good bed. A medium to firm orthopaedic bed is recommended. The more you spend on it the better.
• Don’t sit on soft sofas- only chairs which support the back.
• Supplements can be helpful- Glucosamine Sulphate. Gelatin. Turmeric, krill
oil, MSM.
• Don’t sit for long periods of time without moving (get up every 30
minutes). Sit in an ergonomic chair.
• Don’t pick up objects with back bent.
• Avoid coughing and sneezing fits.
• Avoid stress and don’t worry about anything.
• See Dr Linda Schiller and associates at Lakeside Chiropractic in Joondalup in the Northern suburbs for flexion distracting, blocking, activator and/or acupuncture as these techniques may be useful.

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