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About stretching Lakeside chiropractic Blog by Celina Mills

Why is stretching extremely important?

Stretching has various benefits for your body and mind. Including stretching into your daily workouts allows muscles to be well balanced, stronger and healthier. Stretching is very important for flexibility and injury prevention, it relaxes the muscles and increases blood flow around your body. Without stretching your muscles become tight and weak, this puts them at risk for joint pains, strains and muscle damage. Participating in regular stretching will keep you muscles long, lean and flexible.

Benefits of Stretching

Enhances flexibility: The more you stretch the move you move your muscles, overtime stretching will become easier for your body which results in improved flexibility. 
Decreases risk of injury: Stretching helps to supply a greater nutrient supply to muscles, therefore reducing muscle soreness and helping to speed recovery from muscle and joint injuries. When muscles are stretched and warm, exercise becomes easier.
Increases energy: Stretching allows an increased blood and nutrient flow throughout the body, therefor increasing energy levels.
Promotes blood circulation: increases blood flow to the muscles. Greater blood circulation helps promote cell growth and organ function, this reduces soreness and improves overall health.
Improves athletic performance: Regular stretching relaxes all your muscles and enables them to be more available during exercise. If your muscles are already tight because of the lack of stretching, then they will be less effective during exercise.
Posture: stretching strengthens your muscles and encourages alignment, which makes your posture more vertical and less slouched. Poor posture can be fixed with continuous daily stretching.
Reduces soreness: Stretching before and after a workout or doing physical activity gives your muscles time to settle. This increases blood flow to the muscles and relives soreness in muscles after a workout.
Increases stamina: Stretching loosens your muscles and tendons and increases blood flow. With stretching you can delay the onset of muscle exhaust by ensuring oxygen is flowing through your body, therefor increasing your endurance.

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July 19, 2018