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A Sporting Chance- Qualified Sports Chiropractor Joondalup

From amateur sporting injuries to top-flight professionals, pain and injuries can cause you to be on the sidelines. The repeated stress and load that athletes continuously put on their bodies can result in a decrease of proper movement in the spine and surrounding joints. Chiropractors often see various sports enthusiasts with:

• Hamstring, Quadriceps and calf strains
• Neck pain and upper back pain
• Lower back pain
• Sciatica (Pain in buttock and legs due to pressure on nerves in lower back)
• Knee bursitis/tendinitis/impingement
• Cartilage tears
• Shoulder injuries (Rotator cuff)
• Ac joint inflammation
• Achilles tendon injuries
• Tennis elbow
• Groin and thigh sprains
• Game keepers thumb
• Wrist injuries and sprains
• Turf toe
• Planter fascitis
• Hip pain or impingement

If you experience any pain or injury from your sporting commitments a chiropractor may help you get back to playing your best game.  Chiropractic treatment aims to get to the underlying cause of the injury and not just finding a solution for the immediate pain. A rehabilitation treatment plan can be made to strengthen the injured joint/muscles, increased flexibility of the area and prevent further injury, getting you back to playing the game you love.

Lakeside Chiropractic based in the northern suburbs of Perth can also improve your sporting performance significantly as it goes beyond just fixing a problem and effects the mechanics of the joints and muscles allowing them to work at their optimum level.

“We go Beyond the Spine”

March 28, 2015