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August Update Newsletter

From Linda – 

I am back from London, UK after having visited my former practice in Croydon. I was pleased to find that my founded practice, which I sold in 2012, is still thriving. I was very extremely well received at my former practice. I was surprised to hear that so many of my patients were still asking after me on a weekly basis, even 5 years after leaving! Having spent so much time and energy into my patients in London when I went back it was as if my soul was imbedded in the carpet and walls.

Not to worry my patients in Perth as I am here to stay. I feels blessed to help each and every one of you that I possibly can. And as you know you are always very well cared for and looked after.
Every week we add another blog to our website, this week we have added information on – Shin Splints, Hamstrings, ITB, whether to Ice or Heat, Calcium from non-dairy sources and Inflammation in the Body. These are conditions and conversations the chiropractors have regularly with patients, all our posts are relevant to the treatment and comfort of you our patients. We are able to provide you with copies of specific information when you visit, if you are unable to find them please ask, it may even lead to a new blog.

If when booking online and you can’t get the time you are after please call or email us to help you out.