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X-ray Imaging-Bulk billing referral from Schiller Chiropractic

X-ray Imaging-Bulk billing referral from Lakeside Chiropractic

X-ray imaging can confirm suspected abnormalities and injuries, detected by your chiropractor’s examination. Radiologists obtain these images of various body locations by using a hi-tech low radiation x-ray machine. The images show the parts of your body in different shades of black and white. This is because different tissues absorb different amounts of radiation. Your bones absorb the most amounts therefore making them white in the x-ray. Fat and soft tissue has less radiation uptake therefore appearing grey. Air has the least amount of uptake so as a result appear black, as seen in your lungs.
We commonly associate radiation as detrimental and extremely bad for our bodies. However, it is important to realise that with a well performed exam, the benefits of the imaging robustly outweigh the risks involved in being exposed to this low grade radiation. The medical community has put great emphasis on patient safety when obtaining imaging. There is no evidence that x-rays will cause cancer. However it is important that imaging is only prescribed when required, so that you are not exposed to unnecessary radiation.

At our clinic in Joondalup we refer for x-rays to view
• Postural abnormities
• Chronic ongoing back or neck pain
• Failure to respond to previous treatment
• Trapped nerve pain
• Loss of sensation
• To rule out osteoarthritis
• Pins and needles sensations
• Loss of reflexes
• Trauma
• 50 plus age
• Weight loss
• Night pain
• Suspected scoliosis
• Abnormal clicking
• One leg longer than the other
• To check abnormal bone lumps and bumps
• Arthritic conditions such as psoriasis, rheumatoid , Ankalosing Spondylitis
• Slipping vertebra , such as spondylolisthesis

Typical radiation doses (mSv)
Dental x-ray 0.01
Airline Flight 0.02
Mammogram 0.04
Chest X-ray 0.10
Natural Background 3.1/year
Avg. US Exposure 6.2/year
Chest CT 7.0
Abdominal CT 8.0

CT scan have a much higher radiation dose. Therefore at Lakeside Chiropractic we recommend MRI scans unless CT is specifically needed. MRI s has no radiation as they work with magnetic technology.

If you have any concerns/worries and suspicious of spinal or any other bone abnormality, feel free to visit Lakeside Chiropractic, located in central Joondalup. Our highly experienced Chiropractors Dr Linda Schiller and associates can then asses your concern and determine whether a spinal x-ray is required for your individual case. If they would like to further investigate and send you for x-ray imaging, it is to your best interest. All spinal x-rays are an immediate bulk bill!
One of our chiropractors will provide you with a referral to the walk in clinic “insight Clinical imaging”, which is also located in Joondalup, on Wise Street next to Lakeside Shopping centre.

We are also able to refer you for MRI scans if indicated to Insight imaging for the cost of $270. MRI scan are excellent to view disc herniations and trapped nerves.

July 11, 2015