Jenna Labrasse

What I love about massage:

Simply the improvements that massage can bring to the quality of one’s life.
I’ve always been active, since the age of seven I was competing at a highly professional level. Being involved with WAIS in track and field and Artistic Gymnastics, has given me the grounding to being fit and healthy, Also an in depth understanding of the mechanics of the human body.
My years as an a athlete have given me first hand experience to exposure of incredible amounts of stress on the body, which has led to fine tuning all the measures to take in order to maintain a healthy functioning body and utilising a great network of helpers including Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Chinese medicine,  Massage Therapy and my coaches. 

I acquired my Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy in 2008 and my personal training certificate in 2014.  Today I thoroughly enjoy the process of increasing the quality of an individual’s life and passing on the knowledge that I have gained over the years.

What I enjoy the most about massage is that it is one of the earliest forms of not only relaxation but also healing for the body and mind. Human contact can be therapeutic alone.
Massage is not only a physical treatment for the realignment of the joints through the manipulation of the muscles, ligaments and fascia, But is also a form of mental relaxation through the release of endorphins, increased circulation and many other effects and benefits.
To know that I have brought about a positive change and increased the capacity of a better way of life and reduced pain from the lives of individuals Increase my drive to want to make more of a difference.

Wellbodies Mission Statement 


Massage and exercise can be the path to a better quality of living that provides your body with the foundation of a healthy frame, to carry out daily activities, work and hobbies.
Whether you are looking to prevent disorder
or recovering from an injury, WellBodies aim is to improve the quality of life through pain free living and optimum capacity of movement and functional stability.

If you are experiencing pain or injury that is affecting your lifestyle, massage may be the best starting point towards recovery. Soft tissue therapy can be a gentle form of manual release on restricting body structures without causing stress to the affected area through loading on the joints or injury. In some cases skipping this stage of recovery and rehabilitation may lead to further trouble or delayed healing processes, as it is vital to reset the healing environment. Manual Soft tissue manipulation can help to reset muscle spasm, postural compensation or protective spasms in order for the body to take on a more active form of recovery like stretching and exercise. Its important to distinguish the order at which recovery should take place for the best results.

Here at wellbodies we not only encourage postural symmetry through massage, we emphasize the importance of increasing muscle strength and stability through active core strengthening exercises or reengaging muscles that have simple switched off due postural misalignment.

Gentle but effective core exercises are important for the longevity of massage treatment results. As the skeletal muscle foundation strengthens, the opportunity for postural misalignment reduces, building a more efficient, structurally stable body.

Qualifications:Certificate IV in Swedish Massage


Diploma of Remedial Massage
Certificate III & IV in Personal training
Certificate in dry needling


Modalities of treatment:Massage


· Remedial Massage

· Swedish/ Relaxation Massage

· Trigger Point Therapy

· Deep tissue Massage

· Myofascial Release

· Postural Massage

· Pregnancy massage

· Pain management

· Sports massage

· Seated massage

· Visceral release

· Dry needling

· Rock taping

· Lymphatic Drainage