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Food Intolerance Test

Lakeside Chiropractic has teamed up with ImuPro Australia & New Zealand so that we can offer you the world’s most advanced food intolerance test. ImuPro are dedicated to helping you take control of your health by identifying food intolerances that can cause a wide range of chronic health conditions. ImuPro is managed by a team of dedicated health care professionals and all tests are performed by pathology specialists in well-equipped, modern laboratories.

There are two tests which you can take; one covering 300 foods at a very well worthy cost of $750. Or there is a condensed version covering 100 foods at a cost of $400.

ImuPro300 Test: The ImuPro300 test provides an individual analysis of 270 foods and additives. In addition to the typical meat, vegetables, fruits, cereals and dairy, as well as their alternatives, the ImuPro300 test will also examine region specific foods, additives, herbs and spices and other luxuries such as tea, coffee and wine.

ImuPro 100Plus: The ImuPro100Plus test is a streamlined version of the ImuPro300. Rather than testing 270 foods, it tests for the 90 most common food problems. With your test you receive a report, a personalized food rotation plan and the option the upgrade to the ImuPro300 test.

To take the test’s, visit Lakeside Chiropractic then a simple blood sample is taken at your local pathology clinic. Your blood sample will be sent for testing at the ImuPro dedicated laboratories in Germany.  When the test is complete you will receive your test report, a personalized food rotation plan and a customized recipe book.

It is important to be aware and eliminate foods that your body is intolerable to. This will significantly improve your quality of daily living and reduce your risk of developing chronic conditions in the future.

For more information you can contact a Chiropractor at Lakeside Chiropractic by calling 9300 0095 or send an email to

October 22, 2015